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The BBC is marking Brexit – One Year On with a series of programmes this week.

Programmes include Brexit Means Brexit (Wednesday 21 June BBC2 9pm). Bafta-winner Patrick Forbes looks back over the past year since the referendum result and talks to protagonists from both – or all – sides.

On a similar theme, immigration is still a hot topic one year on from the EU Referendum. But was it always controversial?

In Who Should We Let In? Ian Hislop On The First Great Immigration Row (Thursday 22 June BBC 2 9-10 pm) the history of immigration to Britain is subjected to scrutiny. The Victorians had no immigration policy and an open door attitude to both asylum-seekers and economic migrants.  But when large numbers of immigrants resulted in higher rents and changing inner-city areas, local indigenous communities sometimes reacted angrily. Ian examines the role of the press in formulating attitudes to immigrants and looks at how these affected modern-day Britain.  He also talks to modern politicians and commentators and to members of the public about their views on the topic.