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ADHD and Me – ERA Pick of the Week

BBC2 Tuesday 25 April 9-10 pm.

Rory Bremner has long suspected that he suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and in this Horizon programme he finds out more about the condition and goes for a diagnosis.  The evidence supporting the existence of ADHD (with which 5% of children have been diagnosed) is examined and surprisingly, it appears that its symptoms were recognised as long ago as 1775. The complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors is explored and Rory tries out standard treatments including the drug Ritalin.

Giving insights into the feelings and experiences of those suffering from the condition, this programme is a must for teachers and those working with children and young people as well as for students of psychology and behavioural sciences.

The BBC microsite for Horizon:ADHD and Me includes a useful selection of short clips as well as the programme once it has been broadcast.

The programme follows an earlier exploration by Rory Bremner on BBC Radio 4, also entitled ADHD and Me,  first broadcast in 2011 and still available to listen to on BBC iPlayer Radio.

There’s also a useful clip from BBC News (2015) in which young people describe what it’s like to live with the condition.

The theory that the condition is s a genetic condition rather than being due to poor diet or bad parenting is looked at in this clip from Channel 4 news broadcast in September 2010.