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Thursday 6 July Channel 5 9 pm


Running away to join the circus is not an option for these children – they’re already there! In this first episode of three programmes, we watch as children of different ages train for a career as performers, but also have to help out with all the jobs that need doing, from litter-picking to selling tickets.


Edmund throws knives at his mum for a living whilst 15-year-old Yasmine fears she may have left her aerial training “too late”. And the circus families believe in starting them young – twins Esmeralda and Scarlett are only 2 but are stars in their own right.

The children are clearly aware of acquiring skills when in training, but how aware are they of how much they are learning whilst doing the routine chores?

An eye-opener for children and young adults living at home and going to school every day, this is also a fascinating look at a way of life that requires children to be part of an economic unit as well as a supportive community – which would have been common in the past but is no longer so in the UK.