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The announcement this week that gravitational waves have been detected has been heralded as the biggest scientific breakthrough in a century.  Scientists say that the discovery verifies a portion of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which has remained unproven.


We have pulled together a selection of some of the clips, programmes and webpages which can provide teachers with excellent resources to encourage students to engage with this topic and hopefully inspire their ongoing interest in this fascinating subject.


There is a BBC webpage devoted to the General Relativity Theory:


The page features a brief explanation of the theory, signposts to other resources and a selection of 10 TV clips and 2 radio clips including :

Magic Black Holes

A clip from ‘Magic Black Holes’ in which Patrick Moore and guests use magic to explain black holes;


A clip from Horizon (2009) in which Professor Michio Kaku of City University of New York explains how general relativity explains gravity and predicts the existence of black holes;

Wonders of the Universe: Black Holes

Using Zambia’s spectacular Victoria Falls, Prof Brian Cox demonstrates what happens as you near a black hole.


This clip from BBC News in November 2015 looks at the hunt for gravitational waves:



What is Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity?

One hundred years ago today, Albert Einstein submitted his Theory of General Relativity, a pillar of modern physics that has transformed our understanding of space, time and gravity.

But what exactly is general relativity and what did Einstein predict? Physicist Dr Toby Wiseman, from Imperial College London, explains.


Inside Einstein’s Mind: The Enigma of Space and Time, BBC4

Clips from the documentary originally broadcast on 15 December 2015:

How to get your head around four dimensional spacetime.

We’re all spaghetti strands moving in spacetime. Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf helps us visualise the brilliant concept at the heart of Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

A contradiction in physics

The young Albert Einstein makes his first steps towards his theory of relativity by visualising a clash between the ideas of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell.


Watch this video to understand the biggest idea in physics: