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We are often asked whether the ERA Licence extends to the use of feature films  and the answer is that it does –  a film broadcast by one our Members can be recorded / copied and used for educational purposes by any ERA Licensee.


Broadcasts of classic/cult films are clearly of great value to those on Film or Media Studies courses while adaptations of classic novels or plays can be a vital resource for students of Literature.  But films can also have a wider use as a resource.  Clips can be used to illustrate almost any topic, to stimulate discussion or as a springboard for an exercise in creative writing or drama. For instance, one further education college uses a clip from The Terminator (James Cameron, 1984) to engage students’ interest in a module on Artificial Intelligence.  In a somewhat more surprising choice, one primary school even used a short clip from the atmospheric thriller Don’t Look Now (Nicholas Roeg, 1973) as a starting point for a creative writing exercise in which year 6 students were asked to create a suspenseful “what happened next” story.

Here is a small selection of some of the films available this week which may be of interest:

Hamlet (1990) ITV3, 10 May 11.10pm

Franco Zeffirelli’s film version starring Mel Gibson as Hamlet, Glenn Close as Gertrude and Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia.  Barry Norman, writing in the Radio Times this week says this version is “a bold experiment that works well and makes the twists and machinations of the plot easy to understand”.


Vertigo(1958) BBC2, 9 May 2.50pm
The Birds (1963) Film4, 11 May 11.05pm

Classic  Hitchcock thrillers.


The King of Comedy (1983) Film4, 13 May 1.25am

A box office failure at the time of its release, Martin Scorsese’s study of an aspiring stand-up comedian played by Robert de Niro is now regarded by many as a masterpiece.


Also of potential interest to film students,


Perspectives – In Charlie Chaplin’s Footsteps ITV, 10 May 10.35pm

Terry Jones traces the life of Charlie Chaplin, the genius of the silent movie era who revolutionised film comedy.