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History Resources- The Industrial Revolution

Looking to teach “Britain as the first industrial nation – the impact on society” as a part of your secondary level “Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901” topic in the new curriculum? You might want to use one of the programmes on Channel 4 On Demand as an aid or discussion starter.


How Britain Worked

Join Guy Martin as he explores the technology behind Britain’s Industrial Revolution. The programme features the restoration of machinery that transformed the country- including a steam train, a Mill’s water turbine, and a Piston Engine.

Originally broadcast in 2012, available online through 4OD



The Mill

This drama series follows the lives of mill workers in the time surrounding the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834.

The Channel 4 Microsite for The Mill also features useful infographics and articles about labour during the industrial revolution, as well as looking at how things have changed today.

Series 2 currently broadcast 8pm, Sundays on Channel 4. All previous episodes are available on 4OD



Walking Through History, The Birth of British Industry

Tony Robinson takes a journey around the Derwent Valley, the birthplace of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. The programme also looks at Richard Arkwright and his establishment of the World’s First Factory.

Originally broadcast in March 2013, available online through 4OD