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Holocaust Memorial Day 27 January 2015

 Holocaust  Memorial Day 2015 will coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. To commemorate this significant anniversary, the BBC have announced a selection of thought provoking programmes to be broadcast across radio and television, alongside live coverage of Memorial Event in London on 27 January organised by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.


Much of this programming will be of interest from an educational perspective and some of the programming has been specifically designed to link to the curriculum and will be therefore of particular interest to teachers.  There are quite a number of special programmes, but here are a few highlights..



The Eichmann Show, BBC1 January 20th 9pm

Children of the Holocaust, BBC2 January 15th 4am

The centrepiece of the BBC commemorative programme, this one-off  BBC two drama about the historic televising of the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, stars Martin Freeman and Anthony La Paglia.  The trial was broadcast worldwide and was the first time the general public were able to hear testimony from the mouths of survivors of the death camps.  The drama features recreations of how the event came to television as well as featuring footage of the actual trial.

In addition and of particular interest to teachers, a series of 5 short films on the Learning Zone will accompany the drama, each providing a different perspective on the trial and linked to the curriculum across a range of subjects.  The Learning Zone will also repeat Children of the Holocaust in which eyewitness accounts are brought to life for a younger audience by animation.  After transmission, this will also be available to view on the Learning Zone website.


Further context on the Holocaust and Holocaust Memorial Day for younger audiences can be found on the Newsround website, www.bbc.co.uk/newsround including a special report why the Memorial Day takes place.


Shoah, BBC4 (part 1, 25th January, 7pm & part 2, 1st February, 7pm) 

BBC4 will show in full the acclaimed 1985 documentary which uses interviews with survivors and perpetrators to convey the full horror of the Holocaust.


Holocaust: Freddie Knoller’s War BBC2 January 22nd 9.30pm

Holocaust: Freddie Knoller’s War tells the extraordinary story of a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor. A young Jewish man in World War Two, Freddie’s journey took him to 1940s occupied Paris where he lived a champagne lifestyle with Nazi officers and dancing girls, before the war eventually caught up with him and his horror in the camps began.


A Story Of Remembrance – BBC One (28th January, 11.10pm)

This documentary sees three extraordinary women, including acclaimed children’s Author Judith Kerr (The Tiger Who Came to Tea, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit),  tell their tales to reveal just why the memory of one of the darkest moments in human history should never be forgotten.



Anne Frank’s Trees: Keeping The Memory Alive, Radio 4 January 27th 11am

Children’s novelist and poet Michael Rosen examines the different ways in which Britain remembers the Holocaust, including a primary school in Potters Bar and Britain’s only day centre for Holocaust survivors.