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A new series of Horrible Histories begins on Monday 24 July, starting with Explorers. The first episode takes a look at the world’s greatest, from those finding new worlds here on earth to astronauts venturing into space. When the Spanish Conquistadors searched for those cities of gold, were they really on a wild goose chase set up by the Mayans? The ever-popular Vikings make a welcome return and HH’s liking for fantastically foul facts doesn’t disappoint, with an account of a man who digs himself out of an avalanche using his own poo.


Gems from later episodes include Henry VIII falling for Anne Boleyn in the First Dates restaurant, under the beady eye of Maitre d’ Fred Sirieix – and Anne says she could really lose her head for this one. That may be Henry’s first date, but it certainly isn’t his last…

We learn that Florence Nightingale didn’t just revolutionise medicine and promote the practice of hygiene, she accidentally kicked off a trend for memorabilia that fuels the public’s desire for tat to this day.

And more fantastically foul facts emerge in the Hideous History of Health, when we find out more than we might want to know about Louis XIV’s bottom problem.

The first of 15 episodes airs on Monday 24 July on CBBC at 5.25 pm till 5.55 pm.

You can access the BBC’s Horrible Histories micro-site by clicking here.