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I Know Who You Are – Foreign Language Programmes

Scandi-noir may have started it, but British viewers are now well and truly hooked on foreign language programmes.


Channel 4’s ‘Walter Presents’, named after its curator Italian TV producer Walter Luzzolino, has a treasure-trove of box sets for viewers to binge on – all available on demand – see the range at Channel 4/Walter Presents 

They’re also a great way for students of foreign languages to absorb grammar and pronunciation the easy way.

Now BBC4 is weighing in again with ‘I Know Who You Are’, which starts with a lone figure staggering down a highway. Juan Elias is a successful criminal lawyer and father of two, but his current amnesia seems altogether too convenient. It coincides with the disappearance of his 23-year-old niece – and even his wife, a judge, starts to doubt his story. In Spanish with subtitles, the first of ten episodes airs on Saturday 15 July at 9pm.