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As you probably know, Europe will be experiencing a partial solar eclipse on Friday 20th March and this means that school children all over the country are busy making pinhole cameras in order to be able to view this event safely. The eclipse will begin around 8.30am and will reach its maximum at about 9.30am, conveniently during school hours!

This natural phenomenon provides an amazing opportunity to inspire students’ interest in Astronomy and physics and of course there is some really useful programming scheduled around this event, some of which is aimed specifically at schools.


Stargazing Live, special 8 part series beginning 18 March, BBC2, 8pm

Live Coverage of the Eclipse from 9am 20 March BBC1

Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain are at Jodrell Bank Observatory, bringing you the latest news and the best views of the night sky. They’ll be joined by special guests such as Dr Matt Taylor from the European Space Agency and Buzz Aldrin and on the day itself will host live coverage of the event on BBC1.  The series will culminate with a question and answers session from Jodrell Bank on BBC2 at 10pm on Friday 20 March.


Stargazing, Cbeebies (all this week, 5.45pm, Cbeebies)

A special mini-series designed to introduce children to the Wonders of the night sky and the universe.  Clips from episodes including guides on how to find and identify specific constellations are available on the Cbeebies Stargazing webpage.


BBC Learning Stargazing Live Lesson

On Friday 20 March the BBC are webcasting CBBC’s Technobabble live into schools across the UK. Coming from BBC Learning’s Stargazing Live event at Leicester Racecourse Marcus Bronzy and Vlogster will introduce Key Stage 2 students to coding and science.

The 40-minute lesson will explore how coding is essential to space exploration. Areas featured will include: programming with blocky, reviews of coding apps, using coding in space, and a fun look at how in the future the children could be booking their holidays in space.

The lesson will be accessible via the Stargazing Live website from 11am on Friday 20 March.