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A week long season celebrating Pop Art and its cultural influence begins on 23 August with special programmes on BBC4, Radio 3, Radio 4, and 6 music.  All the Pop Art Season material will also be made available through BBC Arts Online which will also include exclusive programme extras, archive content, a bespoke Pop Art Collection and special iWonder guides. Here is a brief run down of the some of the programmes available, as well as links to other resources.




Soup Cans and Superstars: How Pop Art Change The World, BBC4, 23 August 9pm

In this centrepiece 90 minute documentary, Alastair Sooke presents Pop Art as one of the most significant and influential movements of the 20th Century, presenting “a satirical and often highly political message”.  He also looks at the movement’s relationship with celebrity and mass media.


A Day in the Life of Andy Warhol, BBC4 24th August 9pm

Film in which Stephen Smith explores Andy Warhol’s career by talking to some of his close friends and confidants, trying to recreate how the Artist spent a day. The BBC say the film “provides an entertaining and fresh new portrait of the legendary artist’s life and personality”


What do Artists Do All Day? BBC4 25th August 9pm

2 30 minute films looking at the work and daily life of two British Pop Artists, Peter Blake and Derek Boshier.


A Brief History of Graffiti, BBC4 26th August 9pm

Art Historian Richard Clay explores the extraordinary story of Graffiti from cave art to revolutionary posters and contemporary urban street art.



Fifteen Minutes Radio 4, 25th August  2.15pm

A play by Sarah Wooley set in the later part of Andy Warhol’s life when feared he was becoming forgotten. “The play explores Capote and Warhols’ relationship, Capote’s decline and Warhol’s resurgence.”


Andy Warhol’s Factory Friends, 23 August Radio 3 6.45pm

Paul Morley – who briefly met Warhol himself – tracks down survivors to hear first-hand accounts of life before and after the Factory. This includes Warhol superstar Bibbe Hansen, mother of Beck, who found her way into the Factory at the age of 14; Robert Heide, playwright and witness to intimate moments in Warhol’s relationship; Vincent Freemont, film-maker and self-confessed Warhol ‘Lifer’; Bob Colacello editor of ‘Interview’ magazine at 23; and photographer Christopher Makos, Californian surf-boy who was friends with Warhol till the final days.


Lauren Laverne 24 – 28 August BBC 6 Music

As part of the season, Lauren Laverne will be looking at the woment of Pop Art such as Nico and Debbie Harry


The BBC website will also provide archive material including clips from documentaries such as the 2011 film “Pop Goes the Weasel” by Bafta award winning filmmaker Adam Curtis.



Channel 4

Elswhere there are some examples of Andy Warhols paintings of political figures on this short news clip from Channel 4 News


and this clip about the 2013 Roy Liechenstein exhibition at Tate Modern features an interview with the artist’s wife in which she explores some of the themes of his work.