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PSHE Resources- Poverty in Modern Britain

According to figures from the Department of Work and Pensions, in 2013 1 in 6 children in the UK were living in relative poverty.  With food bank usage never far from the headlines and political debate, the emotive topic of depravation and relative wealth may be a useful basis for a PSHE discussion about living standards in modern Britain.


Food Banks

There are a number of news items dealing with the rise of food banks including:

Half a Million People Turn to Foodbanks to Survive, Channel 4 News (30th May 2013)

Foodbanks: On the Frontline with Britain’s Poorest, Channel 4 News (16th April 2014)

UK food banks used by record number, says Trussell Trust, BBC News (16th October 2012)


There is also this Panorama episode investigating the causes behind the increased usage of food banks


Payday Loans

Payday Loans: What Action is Being Taken?, Channel 4 News (7th March 2012)

Payday loan charges cap announced by FCA, BBC News (11th November 2014) -featuring audio of the Finical Conduct Authority’s Martin Wheatley talking about new regulations.

Wonga to Pay £2.6m Compensation for Fake Legal Letters, Channel 4 News (25th June 2014)


Real Life Experiences

10 Years old and living in Poverty- Through a Child’s Eyes (available on Demand 5)

A follow up to Channel 5’s 12 Years Old and Caring for Mum, this episode of Through a Child’s Eyes looks at three families coping with financial difficulties from the view point of their children.


Skint (available on 4OD)

A programme following the lives of people living in deprived areas of the country. Series 1 focussed on a community in Scunthorpe, and Series 2 explores life in the East Marsh area of Grimsby.  The series looks at issues such as the long-term effects of unemployment, and addiction.


Benefits Britain (available on Demand 5)

A programme following the individual stories of families living with the welfare state, this promises to offer a unique look at the real experiences behind the headlines.


How Rich Are You? (available on 4OD)

Hosted by Richard Bacon, this one off special demonstrates the gap between the rich and poor of Great Britain. The programme microsite also features links to relevant articles and an interactive app that shows how individual incomes measure up against national figures.


Payday (available on 4OD)

Described by Channel 4 as:

An innovative, unique performance documentary delving into the finances of four twenty-somethings who came of age in the financial crisis, blighted by debt and consumerism

This film from the Cutting Edge strand takes a personal look at the economy.


How to Get a Council House (available on 4OD)

This documentary series follows families and individuals as they attempt to navigate the council housing system.