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Religious Studies Resources

Looking to use audio-visual materials as a way in to teach a new faith to your Religious Studies class? Read on to see our highlights available now or in the near future.


Seven Wonders of Brazil (BBC2, Friday 20th June, 9pm. Available on iPlayer soon after)
With the eyes of the world on Brazil for the World Cup, it’s the perfect time for this documentary about their religious culture. Join theologian Dr Robert Beckford as he explores the mix of influences in the ‘melting pot’ of Brazilian Catholicism.


Meet the Mormons (Channel 4, Thursday 26th June, 10pm)
A documentary following the life of a young British Mormon (Josh Field) as he begins his time on Mission in Leeds. Offering unique view into the UK branch of the Mormon Church, this programme will examine the impact faith can have on the day to day lives of those who believe.


The Hajj: The Greatest Trip on Earth (Available on 4OD)
This series explores the importance of the Hajj for individual Muslims, as well as the significance of the pilgrimage to Mecca in the Islamic faith as a whole.


The Story of the Jews (Clips available on the programme’s Microsite on the BBC)
Simon Schama journeys into the history of Judaism, from its ancient roots through to modern day. Available clips include an examination of Jewish wedding rites, and a look at the ‘shtetl idealism’ in the migrant community of New York at the turn of the 20th Century.