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Resources for Business Studies

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Ensuring that children and young people learn essential business skills has been identified as key to Britain’s future prosperity.  There is a wide range of broadcast resources available for teachers to incorporate into inspiring lessons and encourage students to develop their own entrepreneurial skills.


Pocket Money Pitch, CBBC 8 February 5.30pm

An exciting new business programme developed for CBBC and presented by BBC Breakfast’s Business Presenter, Steph McGovern. According to the BBC, “this brand new 10-part series will empower young entrepreneurs, teaching them about business, and giving them the entrepreneurial skills to get their own businesses off the ground.

From retail, to technology and food, each episode will feature six young entrepreneurs from across the UK, who will undertake three nail-biting stages, including a head-to-head pitch battle. Vying for a year’s worth of pocket money to invest in their idea, they will meet and work with their industry’s most famous and finest business gurus to form their Pocket Money Plans.”


BBC Bitesize www.bbc.co.uk/education

From KS1 to Higher level, this site offers a broad selection of class clips and classroom ideas for teaching business/business studies.

For KS1/2, and 2nd Level there is a selection of clips from the animated programme CashKa@tz, originally broadcast in 2012.  The series followed the adventures of the Alleyk@tz, a teen band. Growing fame brings the band a little fortune but with it comes the realisation that dealing with money isn’t as simple as it might sound.

For GCSE, KS3 and Higher levels there is a much broader range of resources broken into themes such as Marketing, Finance, Business Environment and Production.  Clips are taken from all sorts of programmes such as this one from reality show The Restaurant (2007) in which chef Raymond Blanc asks his apprentices to design a ready meal brand that will appeal to customers. They have to design the packaging and also an advertisement that will support the branding. This can be used to illustrate lessons on marketing and branding: www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/z9bjmp3


Dragons Den, BBCiPlayer

4 episodes of current series are currently available on iPlayer , also a selection of clips.

One of ERA’s earliest case studies involved the use of Dragon’s Den. Students were told that they were going to face a panel of local “Dragons” and that they had a month to prepare their presentations. Clips from the programmes showed them how a lack of preparation drew caustic comments and ignominious rejection from the Dragons. Their final presentations were then filmed by media studies students.


Other potentially useful clips can be found on other Broadcasters sites such as All  4 and ITV Hub:

Mary Portas Secret Shopper


Undercover Boss


Getting Rich in the recession


Entrepeneur Steve Elwis tries to close in a deal – shows the importance of giving time.


28/1  Why Britain’s productivity is being outpaced by other European countries.