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There is a real range of excellent material to support teaching of science across all levels of education, much of it available for download and some to record directly from broadcasts. Here is a small selection of some the material currently available.




To celebrate 50 years of ‘Horizon’, the BBC have made a collection of Horizon programmes from the past 50 years available on iPlayer.  These will be available for 12 months and include :

  • “Now the Chips Are Down” from 1977.  A look at the rise of the microprocessor.
  • “Man in Space” from 1965. A report from NASA in Houston Texas. A collection of programmes specially chosen to celebrate Horizon’s 50th anniversary.
  • “Strangeness Minus Three” from 1964.  The discovery by physicists of a unique particle.
  • “Dawn of the Clone Age” A look at how and why Dolly the Sheep was cloned.


BBC Learning Zone

Bitesize Science KS 3/4 – Scientist and rapper Jon Chase brings science to life by presenting his favourite science demonstrations.  Broadcast at 4am, Friday 6 June on BBC2.

Class Clips Science – a range of short clips taken from a variety of programming and aimed at primary level students. This includes topics such as  “Humans and Other Animals: Growth and Reproduction”.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/topics/primary.shtml


Channel 4

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been inspiring children and adults  since 1825, their aim to engage students in the teaching of science.  Lectures since 2009 are now available to watch on 4 On Demand http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-royal-institution-christmas-lectures.  You can choose to watch a complete lecture or access suitable clips such as science demonstrations using the Clips and Extras facility.


Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine

Also available on 4 On Demand, an official biographical account of the world’s most famous living scientist, written and presented in his own words.