Who we are


This week the BBC looks to the stars with a season of programmes about Space exploration.  This coincides nicely with the new series of The Sky at Night which began on 12 October with a look at the frozen worlds of Neptune and Uranus (currently available on iPlayer).


Horizon: Is Everything We Know about the Universe Wrong? BBC4 Tuesday 9pm

An investigation into the phenomenon known as “Dark Flow”, whereby large swathes of the universe seem to be mysteriously moving towards each other.


Cosmonauts: How Russia Won the Space Race, BBC4 Tuesday 9pm

Radio Times’ Documentary of the Week, this programme looks at how the Soviet Union pioneered space exploration and features rare and unseen archive footage including interviews with cosmonauts.


The Spaceman of Afghanistan, BBC4 Tuesday 10.30pm

An interview with Afghanistan’s first and only astronaut, once a national hero but now living in Germany having been forced to flee the country during the civil war.


Human Universe, BBC2 Tuesday 9pm

Professor Brian Cox’s excellent series continues, this week tackling the question of why we are here at all.


Do We Really Need the Moon? BBC4 Tuesday 10.30pm

A closer look at the celestial object we may all take for granted. What if the moon was no longer where it is now? How would this affect life on Earth?