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According to a DCMS report published in January this year, the Creative Industries are now worth £71.4 billion to the UK economy every year and accounted for 1.68 million jobs in 2012. That amounted to 5.6% of all UK jobs – jobs relevant to the futures of those currently in education. Raising awareness of the value of copyright and intellectual property is essential to help guarantee the continued success of the creative industries.

A number of organisations have been running campaigns and producing fantastic resources for schools, and this week Katy Carter from the Industry  Trust for IP Awareness has given us a summary of some their resources targeted specifically at schools and pupils. The Industry Trust for IP Awareness is the UK film, TV and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright and creativity.



By Katy Carter  from the Industry Trust for IP Awareness


The Industry Trust for IP Awareness (www.industrytrust.co.uk) has, for the last decade, created campaigns and resources to get copyright and Intellectual Property on the radar of film-loving audiences in the UK. Teaching resources aimed specifically at young people, inside and outside of schools, have ranged from learning basic film-making skills to tasking young people to create their own, positive and inspiring pro-copyright trailers, to asking how they would stop piracy altogether. As the UK is an IP-based economy, it is crucial we have these conversations with future generations. We hope some of these resources might be of interest if you would like to raise the issue of piracy in class.


Creating Movie Magic – learning stop motion animation

The latest resource, Creating Movie Magic  is tailored for the KS3 Design and Technology curriculum, and was created by the BFI’s educational delivery partner, Into Film, in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office and the Industry Trust. The resource was also supported by Aardman animations, and taught basic stop motion animation and special camera effects, with the chance to get a pro-copyright storyboard made into a real trailer by Aardman. The resource was recently awarded five stars by TES, and the winning trailer was shown to nearly 400k students who attended the Into Film festival.


How to start making films

Aimed at Primary school, this resource in partnership with Pop4Schools and Into Film (formerly First Light) teaches everything you need to know to embark upon your first foray into the world of making films, showing how important it is to use music correctly, and how respecting copyright results in your ability to protect your own creations:




ScreenThing Champions – Exploring the production of films and future careers

Aimed at secondary schools, we created a number of resources that show all of the hard work that goes into creating filmed entertainment, allowing young people a glimpse into the production trials and tribulations behind their favourite films, and allowing them to role play certain careers in the film industry before debating the importance of copyright:




Be Creative

Also aimed at Secondary schools, Be Creative was a project created by Film Education (no longer in operation) which tasked young people with creating their own advertising campaign to inspire people to choose to access their films and TV shows from ‘above board’ sources, and show why it’s important to support the creative industries. Be Creative was an incredibly popular teaching resource that spanned six years:



How to Stop Piracy?

Youth Creative Network introduce innovative resources to higher education institutions, and we asked University and college students how they would stop piracy, using any means they wished – light installations, campaigns, adverts. The brief is here, as is the winning entry:



Debating film piracy – starting the conversation

There are also some excellent AV which could be played to stimulate the piracy debate in class. Our RTS-nominated trailer, ‘Vin Diesel’s Socks’, asks – ‘don’t you think you should pay for it?’ and our latest trailer, created by award-winning animation studio Aardman, shows a world of fairies vs. zombies – which side would you be on? There are also interviews with the great and the good of the UK film and TV industry about their thoughts on piracy which shows different perspectives about this inflammatory subject: https://www.youtube.com/ScreenthingUK

Vin Diesel’s Socks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPkmd7McOJs&list=TLW3FJYL5jd7w

Fairies vs. Zombies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQgO0F7-Apo&list=UUwVyQZvwVgGyODGzv8tb5Mw


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