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On Tuesday 15 December 2015 Astronaut Tim Peake will take off from a site in Kazakhstan to become only the second ever Briton to travel into space.  After 2 years of rigorous training he’ll be joining the mission on the Mir Space Station.  There are a number of programmes available over the next few weeks and regular updates on his progress will be available over the coming months.


The BBC is marking this momentous event with two special live broadcasts:

Blast Off Live: A Stargazing Live Special  BBC1, 15 December 10.30am

Presented by Dara OBriain and Professor Brian Cox from the Science Museum in London, with live link ups with Dallas Campbell reporting from the launch site, the programme will also feature a live interview with Chris Hadfield the former Commander of the International Space Station.

Brit In Space BBC2, 15 December 7pm

Continuing with the live broadcast from Dara O’Briain and Professor Brian Cox, the focus now moves to Tim Peake’s arrival at the Space Station.


Training at Johnson Space Center. Tim Peake - (C) BBC - Photographer: Bill Stafford – NASA
Training at Johnson Space Center. Tim Peake – (C) BBC – Photographer: Bill Stafford – NASA


The BBC Stragazing Live webpage

gives full details of the programmes and includes clips from previous episodes of the Stargazing series programmes. It also signposts a variety of other resources, some interactive, which could be very useful to teachers.

More programmes:

Horizon:  Tim Peake: How to Be An Astronaut BBC2, 13 December 8pm

A video diary detailing the risks and pressures he faces during over 2 years of his training to become the 2nd Briton in space.


Royal Institution Christmas Lectures: How to Survive in Space BBC4, 28-30 December 8pm

Over three nights Kim Fong will consider how science, engineering and Medicine ensure astronauts’ survival in space. Tim Peake will join in direct from the Space Station.


Horizon Special: Beyond the Moon BBC4, 16 December 9pm

James Burke examines space exploration in a classic episode originally broadcast in 1984.

Horizon: Secrets of the Solar System BBC4, 16 December 10pm

A repeat of the programme originally broadcast in the 2014/15 season

2001 Space Odyssey BBC4, 16 December 11pm

The classic Stanley Kubrick film, for something more creative!

Complementary resources are also available on All 4 including

Astronauts: Living in Space

Documentary revealing what it’s like to live and work in space for months at a time.

The C4 Live from Space webpage  features a selection of resources iand video material, including Astronaut Doug Wheelock talking about his first space walk.