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#TVforHE – Pick of the Week – BBC iPlayer Collections Planetary Flybys

As part of ERA’s commitment to helping licence holders make best use of the material available to them, we have decided to start highlighting our ‘top pick’ each week.

This week we’ve chosen the BBC’s Planetary Flybys collection (available via iPlayer) as our #TVforHE pick of the week. Looking back at over 40 years of The Sky at Night’s archives, the collection’s programmes paint a picture of how we have built up a picture of our solar system over the years.

From the BBC:

Celebrating The Sky At Night’s 750th episode, this collection features archive programmes from the series, all taking a look back at planetary flybys.

These planetary flybys include episodes about Mariner 6’s photographs of Mars in 1969, Voyager 2’s explorations of Uranus (1986) and Neptune (1989), and the Galileo mission to Jupiter (1995).


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