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#TVforHE – Pick of the Week – Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach

As part of ERA’s commitment to helping licence holders make best use of the material available to them, we have decided to start highlighting our ‘top pick’ each week. We’re hoping to reveal multiple educational uses for a single episode, series, or film with enough time to act as a ‘heads up’ for teachers to be able to record, or access the material.

This Saturday (9:10pm, 30th July) BBC2 will be airing a film looking back at the life and career of director Ken Loach. Versus: the Life and Films of Ken Loach (dir. Louise Osmond) looks at the social and cultural impact of the director’s body of work, as well as considering the man behind the camera.

From the BBC:

Ken Loach, who has been making socially aware dramas and documentaries for over 50 years, reflects on his often controversial career, with comments from colleagues, friends and family. Successes like Cathy Come Home, Kes and Palm d’Or winning The Wind that Shakes the Barley are matched by tales of projects shelved or pilloried, a stage play cancelled during rehearsals, and a personal tragedy.

The documentary should be of great use to Film students looking at Loach’s filmography, but would also be an interesting watch for media or politics students – looking at how personal conviction, and activism, can influence public policy, when given an appropriate platform and voice.

To follow on from this retrospective, Loach’s seminal drama Cathy Come Home will be airing on Sunday the 31st July at 10pm on BBC4 – a landmark film which increased public awareness of housing crisis, led to the foundation of the charity Crisis, and bolstered support for Shelter which launched a few days after the airing of the TV drama.

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