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As part of ERA’s commitment to helping licence holders make best use of the material available to them, we have decided to start highlighting our ‘top pick’ each week. We’re hoping to reveal multiple educational uses for a single episode, series, or film with enough time to act as a ‘heads up’ for teachers to be able to record, or access the material.

The 1954 animated adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm airs this Saturday morning (18th April, 7:45am, BBC2), and will be available on BBC iPlayer soon afterwards.

A perennial favourite of GCSE English exam boards, Animal Farm can also be used to introduce allegorical concepts to a class, or even to illustrate the Western depictions of Marxism during the McCarthy period for a History class. There are a variety of historical context clips available through BBC Bitesize that can support this.

As this animation was funded by the CIA as part of their ‘cultural cold war’, the film could spark a conversation in a Politics or Film Studies class about the implications of politically funded film making and propaganda.   


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