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#TVforTeachers – Pick of the Week- BBC4 Space Evening

For this week’s #TVforTeachers pick of the week, we’ve chosen a whole evening’s worth of programming. This Sunday night on BBC4 are airing a string of programmes discussing astronomy and space. These programmes (or extracts from them) could provide excellent lesson starters for GCSE science or ‘background reading’ for an astronomy seminar. Secrets of the Universe and Horizon:40 Years on the Moon both offer great historical context for the beginning of the Atomic Age, as well as the Space Race.


7.00pm Secrets of the Universe: Great Scientists in Their Own Words

This programme tells the stories of the greatest physicists of the 20th century:

Men and women who transformed our understanding of the universe, from unlocking the secrets of the atom to solving the mysteries of the cosmos.

Using archive material, the film offers insight into the lives and works of pioneering scientists in their own words.


8pm Horizon: Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Hole?

Horizon meets the astronomers and theoretical physicists who, despite these obvious obstacles, are attempting to image a black hole for the very first time and get ever closer to unlocking its mysteries. It is a story that goes into the heart of a black hole and to the very edge of what is thought to be known about the universe.


9pm Horizon: 40 Years on the Moon

Professor Brian Cox takes a look through nearly 50 years of BBC archive at the story of man’s relationship with the moon.

From the BBC’s space fanatic James Burke testing out the latest Nasa equipment to 1960s interviews about the bacon-flavoured crystals that astronauts can survive on in space, to the iconic images of man’s first steps on the moon and the dramatic story of Apollo 13, Horizon and the BBC have covered it all.


10pm The Sky at Night

This edition of the programme looks at Venus and explores our knowledge of the planet’s atmosphere.