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As part of ERA’s commitment to helping licence holders make best use of the material available to them, we have decided to start highlighting our ‘top pick’ each week. We’re hoping to reveal multiple educational uses for a single episode, series, or film with enough time to act as a ‘heads up’ for teachers to be able to record, or access the material.

Starting on Wednesday at 9.30pm, BBC2 embarks on a new series exploring the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. From the press release:

This programme will then take a close look at Napoleon’s series of rapid victories during the Montenotte Campaign and the commander’s creative strategies. Roberts will retrace the footsteps of the leader, visiting the major battlefields such as the battle at the bridge of Lodi and the astonishing capture of Mantua from the Austrians.

In spite of his great successes in battle, this episode will also reveal elements of Napoleon’s unhappy personal life and his shaky relationship with his wife Josephine. Often considered one of history’s great love affairs, Roberts exposes this marriage for what it really was – a relationship of convenience and insecurity.

This programme would provide excellent historical context of the Napoleonic Wars as well as offering a view on how the public’s view of political figures changes over time.

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