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The Young Montalbano – (MICHELE RIONDINO) – (C) RAI Fiction/Palomar

Film and television dramas can be valuable resources for teachers of foreign languages.  Clips or whole films/programmes can really motivate students to learn and engage their interest in a language. Making use of this kind of resource offers the student a chance to absorb natural speech patterns and become accustomed to authentic idiomatic language.  It can also help students to understand the language by offering a visual context.


Channel 4 has recently launched a new foreign language strand called ‘Walter Presents’ . This is described on the Channel 4 website as,

“..a brand new collection showcasing the best foreign-language drama series from around the world, handpicked specially for you. Entire box sets, all completely free, when you want them.”

Most of the programmes have adult themes and so would be best used at Further or Higher Education level.

Series can be accessed on the Walter Presents homepage, and there is also a section with clips and extras which could be very useful.


The season has been launched with the much acclaimed German Spy Drama Deutschland 83, currently showing on C4 on Sunday nights at 9pm.  From the website:

“Set against the real events, culture wars and political realities of Germany in the 1980s, this epic drama series is a stylish coming-of-age story, framed within a suspenseful Cold War thriller.”

The acclaimed French political thriller ‘Spin’ begins on More4 on Thursday 8 January.

Among the other series currently available on the website is a tense French Crime  Drama, “Match Day” and the Argentinian thriller, “Pure Evil”.


Finally, for students of Italian, the police crime drama ‘The Young Montalbano’ returns with a new series on Saturday nights, BBC4 9pm.