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ERA are proud to have supported the 22nd Advanced Level Training Seminar on Copyright and Related Rights, a two week seminar organised the British Copyright Council (BCC) for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Commencing on the 12th of October, sixteen delegates from around the world arrived in London to obtain a better understanding of UK copyright law, including specific issues such as the moral rights of authors and the challenges presented by cloud computing. Under the guidance of Florian Koempel and Dr. Gaetano Dimita, as well as Professors Uma Suthersanen and Graham Dutfield, delegates engaged with presentations, case studies and projects that examined copyright law in both theory and practice.

From the BCC Press release:

Andrew Yeates of ERA spoke to participants about Copyright and Education and at a separate session, provided an Overview of Collective Management Organisations in the UK.  Other speakers from the audio visual sector were Andy Prodger of British Equity Collecting Society, Rob Kirkham and Felicia Strehmel of the BBC and Amanda Goddard of PACT.

As well as support from UK IPO, the seminar was made possible with support from industry sponsors:- ALCS, Bird & Bird, BBC, BECS, CLA, ERA, Musicians’ Union, PLS, PPL and PRS for Music.  The BCC also thanks the expert speakers who gave their time to prepare and present some fifty presentations, most of which are available to delegates in the Training section of the BCC’s website for their future use.