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ERA joins Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).

Promoting a better understanding of what is, and what is not permitted under ERA Licences is central to the work of ERA.

However, with increasing use of online technologies to help make licensed ERA recordings available for educational use, ERA is aware that some recordings of broadcasts may be being used in ways that do not fall within the scope of the ERA licence.

Unauthorised use may arise when individuals or companies who are not licensed educational establishments store or make available to others copies of recordings of broadcasts.

ERA has therefore joined with FACT to help promote a better understanding of the scope of the ERA and the new ERA Plus Licence.

Inspections for licence compliance have always been a part of ERA licence requirements. These now need to be developed to reflect increasing use of servers to house libraries of off-air recordings and the way in which these are made available for educational use.

FACT representatives may therefore contact ERA licensees and check licence compliance in a similar way to visits that are made by ERA’s Field Liaison officers.

For further information about FACT and its work please visit www.fact-uk.org.uk