Who we are

ERA continues to work to ensure the rights that it represents enable ERA Licences (and the recently launched ERA Plus Licence) to cover the widest possible repertoire for the benefit of licensees.

To reflect this, two new representative rights bodies have joined ERA as members with effect from 1 July 2007.

The two new members are :

AGICOA (representing owners of feature film rights and independent films where rights are not owned or controlled by UK broadcaster members of ERA) ; and

DPRS (representing directors of films and television programmes).

All the other ERA members have agreed to admit the new members from 1 July 2007 so that ERA licensees who choose to take out an ERA Plus Licence will benefit from ERA’s increased repertoire with effect from this date.

However, it will take a little time before the Statutory Instrument under which the main ERA licence scheme currently operates, is updated to include details of the new members.

The current Statutory Instrument is SI 2007 No 266 – The Copyright (Certification of Licensing Scheme for Educational Recording of Broadcasts) (Educational Recording Agency Limited) Order 2007.

An application has been made for SI 2007 No 266 to be updated. This requests that clause 8 of the ERA Licence is changed to include the following additional details for Licensor Members of ERA :

“ASSOCIATION DE GESTON INTERNATIONALE COLLECTIVE DES OEUVRES AUDIOVISUELLES (“AGICOA ”) The films which are owned or controlled by persons represented by AGICOA and which are included in any broadcast from which an ERA Recording is made.

DIRECTORS’ & PRODUCERS’ RIGHTS SOCIETY (1992) LIMITED (“DPRS”) The copyright works which are owned or controlled by, or in which authorship is owned or controlled by, persons represented by DPRS and which are included in any broadcast from which an ERA Recording is made.”

The ERA Licence will be formally amended once the updated Statutory Instrument has been implemented.