Who we are

ERA is pleased to announce that Radio Independents Group has become a new member of ERA.

The Radio Independents Group is recognised by Government as the body that represents the Independent radio production companies in the UK and by the BBC as the negotiating body for Terms of Trade for supplying their radio networks.

More information about RIG can be found on their website.

As a result of RIG membership of ERA rights in programming recorded or accessed under ERA and ERA Plus Licences and covered by licences issued by ERA has once again been widened to provide for an even more comprehensive repertoire. In particular sound recordings and copyright audio works in radio programmes owned by RIG members will be covered by ERA licences.

Formal application for revision to the Statutory Instruments under which the ERA Licence

Scheme is certified under copyright legislation will now follow.

Educational establishments holding ERA Licences will benefit from the extended ERA Membership with immediate effect.