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Pippa Hall (Chief Economist IPO), Baroness Neville-Rolfe (IP Minister) and Robert Ashcroft (left to right) pictured at the Copyright Education Symposium that took place at the BPI yesterday. Photo courtesy of the IPO.

Yesterday (24th May), the Copyright Education and Awareness Symposium was held in the BPI offices in London.  The event brought together a number of industry bodies, policy makers, and educators to discuss the state of copyright education, the success of initiatives, and how best to use evidence gained through research.

During the planning of the day, the Symposium Steering Group noted that:

The symposium will be about assessing how data and research can help us to understand which projects will best achieve the level of copyright education that will result in diminished infringing behaviour and increased recognition of value in creators’ creative endeavors. [1]

As the Steering Group went on to mention, the symposium is very timely.  The joint industry and Government public education campaign – ‘Get it Right from a Genuine Site’ –  recently launched, the BBC have produced a copyright awareness website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/copyrightaware/) ,  and the UKIPO have developed an educational portal. Considering this backdrop, combined with the Industry Trust’s tracking research for its Moments Worth Paying For and CREATe’s published papers into consumer behaviour, the symposium offered a forum for all relevant parties to join the conversation about the future of copyright education.

ERA are proud to have been amongst the symposium’s sponsors along with ALCS, CLA, CREATe, PRS for Music, and The Industry Trust for IP Awareness.

[1] From the Contextual Overview provided by the Symposium Steering Group