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Education Licensing Group promotes better understanding of copyright licensing

22nd June 2015

As part of its work ERA has hosted meetings of the Education Licensing Working Group since its formation in 2013 and the next meeting of ELWG takes place on 24 June. The work of the group contributes to the  development of the Copyright Hub which aims to make copyright licensing simpler. The Copyright Hub site will help users get permission to use somebody else’s work, as well as providing information to creators on how copyright relates to their own work.


ELWG is working with the Copyright Hub to ‘support clarity, reduced bureaucracy and transparency in copyright licensing for schools, colleges and universities.’ Members of the group include representatives from education and collective management organisations (including ERA), involved in educational licensing.

Positive developments arising from ELWG over the past year include the move to uniform start dates for licences issued by CMOs to educational establishments, which has reduced the burdens on administrators within individual establishments.  In addition the conclusion of licence payment agreements between each of six copyright licensing bodies (including ERA) and the Department for Education on behalf of state-funded schools in England, has been welcomed in reducing the administration involved in putting in place over 100,000 licences which operate for the benefit of the relevant schools.

Minutes of previous ELWG meetings can be viewed here  and more information can be found on the ELWG section of the Copyright Hub website.