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ERA Licence tariff rates confirmed for schools from April 2017

10th January 2017

The tariff rates for schools for the ERA Licences running from 1 April 2017 have been agreed with the Department for Education following discussions with stakeholders.

Rates were last adjusted from 1 April 2015. The new rates will remain in place without further adjustment until 31 March 2019.

For the Licence year commencing 1 April 2017

(a) the annual tariff for students in Primary schools (including Preparatory schools, special schools, pupil referral units and non-maintained special schools) will be 45p per student; and

(b) the annual tariff for students in Secondary Schools and students in educational establishments of Further Education who have not attained the age of 18 at the start of the education year will be 95p per student.

Current Schools Agreements

ERA has negotiated abated licence fees with umbrella organisations representing large numbers of educational establishments. As a result some educational establishments may be covered by one centrally-held blanket licence.

For further detailed information please look at Details and Rates.