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Changes linking S4C Video on Demand Services with ERA Licences

5th November 2013

ERA welcomes changes to link use of S4C Video on Demand Services by educational establishments with ERA Licences

S4C has now published changes to the Terms and Conditions applicable to use of its website to expressly provided that the non-commercial educational use of the S4C Website by educational establishments is permitted provided that the educational establishment holds a current licence with the Educational Recording Agency (ERA). The terms also provide that use of the S4C Website by the educational establishment must comply with these terms and the terms of the ERA licence.

The S4C terms and conditions can be found on their website.

This change is similar to changes previously announced concerning non-commercial educational access under the terms and conditions applicable to:

  • BBC Online Services
  • ITV Video on Demand
  • Channel 4 Video on Demand
  • Channel Five Video on Demand