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Higher Education tariff under new single ERA Licence

4th June 2014

ERA has held discussions with Universities UK and Guild HE to lead to publication of a tariff that will apply for new single ERA Licences issued from 1 August 2014 when applied to educational establishments with students undertaking courses of Higher Education.


The terms of the single ERA Licence provide for tariff rates to be published on the ERA website.

The annual tariff for students in Educational Establishments of Higher Education and students of other Educational Establishments who have attained the age of 18 at the start of the educational year when undertaking courses of Higher Education will be £2.35 for each full time student or for each full time equivalent student.

A Higher Education student who is not on a full time or sandwich course will be treated as 0.35% of a “full time equivalent” for calculating fees due against the £2.35 tariff.