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DFE Factsheet on Copyright licences for schools 2014-15

16th April 2014

The Department for Education has produced a factsheet for maintained schools, academies and local authorities on copyright licensing in schools for 2014-15.

There has been much work in recent years on the part of both government and copyright licensing bodies to find ways of simplifying the copyright licensing systems for schools. A number of organisations, including ERA, have now signed agreements with the Department for Education to licence schools centrally.

The Factsheet contains details of all the licences now purchased centrally, details of the activities covered as well as links to the individual bodies concerned. The Factsheet can be found at www.gov.uk/copyright-licences-information-for-schools.

A copy of the Factsheet has been distributed to Local Authorities to inform them of the scope of agreed central payments, but the sheet is also of interest to individual schools.