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Licence renewal form

If your establishment is currently licensed directly through ERA rather than via a central Licence or agreement, and your licence is due to expire, you will be contacted by ERA requesting certain information in order to renew your licence.

You can submit this information on the form below.The information you supply in this form will be used by ERA to determine the cost of your Licence. It is treated as confidential and will not be made available to any other persons or organisations. On receipt of this information, ERA staff  will proceed with the renewal of your establishment’s ERA Licence as usual.

About you (or the main contact for ERA)

About your educational establishment

About the licence for your establishment

Primary level (45p per pupil)

Secondary level (95p per pupil)

Further education (£1.50 per pupil)

Higher education (£2.40 per pupil)

ERA licence fees are based on full-time and full time equivalent student numbers and are calculated on an annual per head basis. VAT is payable on total licence fees. Please note that quoted prices exclude VAT. Licences are valid for a twelve month period.