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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 11th – 17th May 2019

Welcome back to our Radio Picks of the Week! Here, we’re showing off some of the best radio broadcasts for teaching and learning coming your way. There’s a really wide range of programmes on this week, so whether you’re after something on Frankenstein, on rivers, or even on Louis Theroux, then you’ve come to the right place!

Saturday 11th May

  • Archive on 4: the New Philosophers and the Death of the Interview 
    BBC Radio 4, 8pm – Recommended for… Journalism
    This trip down memory lane, which includes extracts from interviews with David Bowie and the Dalai Lama, investigates how the evolution of the internet has changed the way that interviews are made and broadcast.

Sunday 12th May

  • Desert Island Discs
    BBC Radio 4, 11:15am – Recommended for… Journalism and Media Studies
    Famous documentary maker Louis Theroux becomes the interviewee in this episode of the programme where he discusses both his personal and professional lives.
  • When Parents Split
    BBC Radio 4, 1:30pm – Recommended for… Psychology and Youth Work
    Psychotherapist Phillipa Perry discusses how children are affected when they are manipulated by broken-up parents to choose one side or another. She also looks into some extreme cases of people with kids whose marital breakdown changed everything.

Monday 13th May

  • The Conversation 
    BBC World Service, 11:30am – Recommended for… Sociology
    Got a question about motherhood? The simple solution these days seems to be to visit Mumsnet, where a network of other mothers are on hand to help you out. But some argue that this isn’t always a good thing, exemplified here as the toxic side to the community is explored.

Tuesday 14th May

  • In The Studio 
    BBC World Service, 11:30am – Recommended for… Fashion Design
    Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is renowned for her eccentric and over-the-top style. Here, we get to visit her studio as she works on a durable and outlandish dress for singer Björk’s latest tour.
  • Free Thinking: Rivers and Geopolitics
    BBC Radio 3, 10pm – Recommended for… Geography and Geology
    Water power and its effect on the world’s rivers is the focus of this week’s episode, where host Rana Mitter talks with Majed Akhter, Andrea Brock, and Dustin Garrick.

Wednesday 15th May

  • Thinking Allowed
    BBC Radio 4, 4pm – Recommended for… Philosophy
    Laurie Taylor’s figure of interest for this episode is Walter Benjamin, pioneering intellectual and theorist, where he discusses him with guests such as Esther Leslie and Johnathan Ree.
  • Free Thinking
    BBC Radio 3, 10pm – Recommended for… Geography and Geology
    We return to the subject of rivers again here, where poet John Clarke discusses river pollution and its physical and emotional impact on the public.

Thursday 16th May

  • In Our Time: Frankenstein 
    BBC Radio 4, 9am – Recommended for… English Literature
    This series is proving to be a goldmine in terms of GCSE/A Level revision – Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale is the book being discussed here, with contributions from intellectuals from Oxford, Hull, and Newcastle Universities.
  • In Business: Lightbulb Moments and How to Have Them
    BBC Radio 4, 8:30pm – Recommended for… Psychology and Business Studies
    Adam Shaw learns more about how companies are investing more and more money in innovation, as well as into the study of how the human mind processes thoughts and comes up with the new ideas.

Friday 17th May

  • Heart and Soul: Iraq’s Religious Minorities: Exodus and Extinction
    BBC World Sevice, 1:30pm – Recommended for… Religious Studies
    There are plenty of minority religions in Iraq, but many of them seem to be being pushed out by extremist groups. Here, members from two of these talk to the team about what they are doing to try and save their religions.