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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 15th – 21st December 2018

Welcome to our weekly picks of the best radio programmes for teaching and learning coming your way this week! We’ve got a good range of subjects covered this week, with a fair emphasis on psychology.

Saturday 15th December

  • Drama: Born to be Wilde – The Importance of Being Earnest 
    BBC Radio 4, 2:30pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    This satirical production of Oscar Wilde’s classic follows two young men who lead double lives in the city and the countryside in order to get the best out of both. However, their webs of deceit begin to unravel as they both fall in love.

Sunday 16th December

  • Welsh Ladies
    BBC Radio 3, 4:30pm – Recommended for… Welsh and History
    Presenter Mab Jones looks into the origins of traditional Welsh ladies’ costume, as well as uncovering some almost unknown women’s poetry from pre-industrial era Wales.

Monday 17th December

  • Beyond Belief: Purple
    BBC Radio 4, 4:30pm – Recommended for… History, Art and Design, Sociology, and Psychology
    Presenter Ernie Rea discusses why the colour purple is so often associated with royalty, mystery and luxury, and talks with experts to find out why that’s the case.

Tuesday 18th December

  • Inherited Fear
    BBC Radio 4, 4pm – Recommended for… Psychology, Biology, and Medicine
    Journalist Sally Herships explores the idea that it might be possible for people to carry forward trauma that their ancestors experienced, and how this links to both psychology and biology.

Wednesday 19th December

  • Free Thinking: What does game playing teach us?
    BBC Radio 3, 10pm – Recommended for… PSHE and Psychology
    Bobby Seagull and Shahidha Bari come together with other guests to discuss the value of play and competitiveness. They also crack out some board games themselves, which is sure to be interesting.

Thursday 20th December

  • Free Thinking: Landmark: Watership Down
    BBC Radio 3, 10pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    Matthew Sweet discusses Richard Adam’s heart-wrenching novel in the wake of a new adaptation hitting our screens. He also chats generally with guests about rabbits, both real and fictional.

Friday 21st December

  • Drama: The Moon That Night
    BBC Radio 4, 2:15pm – Recommended for… Religious Studies and PSHE
    This thought-provoking drama follows a family who travel to their second home on Christmas Eve, only to find that their key-holder and her daughter have moved in, having not been able to pay their own rent. Will Christmas spirit prevail and the family allow them to stay, or will their clash of liberal and Christian beliefs drive them apart?