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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 16th – 22nd March 2019

Welcome back to our radio Picks of the Week! We’ve got a selection of the best radio broadcasts coming your way this week, including resources for Spanish, economics, and publishing.

Saturday 16th March

  • James Veitch’s Contractual Obligation: Young Adult Publishing
    BBC Radio 4, 10:30am – Recommended for… English and Publishing
    In this episode of the comedian’s new series, he tries to write a young adult novel. He soon finds, however, that it’s not anywhere as easy as he was expecting, with his hopes of getting a movie adaptation crushed, and discovers more about the ins and outs of the publishing industry.
  • Archive on 4: Polling Badly
    BBC Radio 4, 8pm – Recommended for… Politics
    Sarah Smith goes back to look at some Radio 4 material discussing the poll tax of the late 1980s and discusses how Theresa May could easily land herself in similar hot water with universal credit.

Sunday 17th March

  • Something Understood 
    BBC Radio 4, 6:05am – Recommended for… English Literature and Music
    This one might be of particular interest to those studying English – Michael Symmons Roberts talks about the moon and its popularity as a symbol, in both poetry and music.
  • Open Book
    BBC Radio 4, 4pm – Recommended for… English and Music
    In this episode of the regular series, host Mariella Frostrup meets with authors Max Porter and Angie Thomas to talk about their newest releases, Lanny and On The Come Up. Porter discusses what it was like writing off the back of his hugely successful debut, Grief Is the Thing with Feathers, while Thomas explains the influence of hip-hop on her writing, both in her new novel and in her debut, the best-selling The Hate U Give.
  • Drama on 3: Leave Taking
    BBC Radio 3, 7:30pm – Recommended for… Sociology and Religious Studies
    This adaptation of Winsome Pinnock’s play features the cast of its revival in London. It follows a Jamaican-born woman named Enid, who lives in Deptford with her two teenage daughters. However, she struggles as they begin to stray away from Caribbean culture, causing tension in their home lives. So, Enid takes them to an obeah (a Caribbean spiritual healer) in hopes that they might reconnect with each other.

Monday 18th March

  • Spain’s Lost Generation
    BBC Radio 4, 11am – Recommended for… Spanish and History
    Journalist Lucas Laursen investigates the legacy left over from General Franco’s dictatorship (1936-75). First, he meets the families of some who disappeard during this time period, never to be seen again. He also learns more about ‘el pacto de olvido’ (the pact of forgetting), that fell over Spain in the years following Franco’s death, which to some extent, has still not been lifted.
  • The Conversation: Women and Self-Defence
    BBC World Service, 11:30am – Recommended for… PE and Sociology
    Host Celia Hatton visits self-defence teachers from different parts of the world to find out how women feel empowered by learning self-defence and how much of an impact it can have on their confidence.

Tuesday 19th March

  • Costing the Earth
    BBC Radio 4, 3:30pm – Recommended for.. Medicine, Biology, and Geography
    The UK has one of the worst mortality rates in Europe due to Asthma, and many people are concerned about their children’s health. But what is being done to prevent them from being affected by the toxic air, and why aren’t enough children getting the treatment they need for their Asthma? Tom Heap investigates.

Wednesday 20th March

  • Four Seasons
    BBC Radio 4, 12:18pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    If you’re looking for topical poetry to teach, then you’re in the right place. Every week, you can listen to a different poem about the relevant season. Finally, we’re in spring!
  • Lent Talks: The Uncertainty of Peter
    BBC Radio 4, 8:45pm – Recommended for… Religious Studies
    Sandi Mann looks into how Jesus is portrayed in different faiths. This week, she learns more about the story of Peter denying Jesus and how this is reflected in our modern society.

Thursday 21st March

  • The Bottom Line 
    BBC Radio 4, 8:30pm – Recommended for… Business Studies
    Today, Evan Davis and guests talk about the increasing encouragement from companies to consumers to rate their services. But are these ratings truly helpful? Or does the existence of bots and those who self-review to boost ratings render the whole thing pointless?

Friday 22nd March

  • The University Time Bomb
    BBC Radio 4, 11am – Recommended for… Economics
    Branwen Jeffreys investigates the potential effects that another budget deficit could have on universities in the future.