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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 1st – 7th December

Welcome to our weekly round-up of some of the best radio broadcasts for teaching coming your way this week! There’s a few comedic takes on traditional subjects that might be refreshing for some, as well as some thought-provoking debate and discussion.

Saturday 1st December

  • Drama: The Penny Dreadfuls Present: Le Carré on Spying
    BBC Radio 4, 2:30pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    The newest spoof from the comedy sketch group focuses on the Cold War, and more specifically, on Secret Intelligence Officer David Cromwell (better known by his nom de plume, John le Carré). The spy’s task of uncovering a mole is made more pressing and complicated by the arrival of US President John F Kennedy.

Sunday 2nd December

  • Mrs Hudson’s Radio Show 
    BBC Radio 4, 7:15pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    Father and son comedy duo Barry and Bob Cryer present an adaptation of their book, Mrs Hudson’s Diaries, in which we can see the adventures of Holmes and Watson through the eyes of their landlady. In this episode, Mrs Hudson needs find a lodger to pay rent when a tenant of hers goes missing.

Monday 3rd December

  • Art of Living: Drawing in the Dark
    BBC Radio 4, 4pm – Recommended for… Art and Design
    This intriguing programme sees artist Stephanie Smith extend an invitation to listeners to close their eyes and draw in the dark alongside her. Featuring the voices of Olivia Glover, Mariam Khattab, Stephenn Banks, Rafal Marzec, Anna Debska, Laura Hind, and Barrie West.

Tuesday 4th December

  • Drama: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency – The Fat Cattle Club
    BBC Radio 4, 2:15pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    Alexander McCall Smith adapts his novel, Precious and Grace, for radio. The story follows Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi as they wait for the rain to come, in the meantime helping an Canadian woman deal with her past, keeping Mr Polopetsi out of trouble, and solving the problem with Fanwell’s dog.
  • The Songs and Shows of World War One
    BBC Radio 2, 9pm – Recommended for… History, Music, Media Studies, and Drama
    Russell Davies explores the music of the final years of the war, the introduction of the foxtrot, and the popularity of period songs such as I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.

Wednesday 5th December

  • Thinking Allowed
    BBC Radio 4, 4pm – Recommended for…Politics, History, and Sociology
    Laurie Taylor speaks to Kathleen Belew from the University of Chicago and Liz Fekete from the Institute of Race Relations to discuss the similarities and differences to the extreme right in the UK and US.
  • Free Thinking: Is There a Great Divide between the Arts and Science?
    BBC Radio 3, 10pm – Recommended for… Science, English, and Art and Design
    There seems to be an age-old friendly rivalry between those who study arts and those who study science, and perhaps that’s because we’ve always been told that they are polar opposites. But is that really the case? Geneticist Paul Nurse and Tristram Hunt, director of the V&A, discuss this relationship and whether it is still valid in 2018, if it ever was at all.

Thursday 6th December

  • In Business: The Business of Tutors
    BBC Radio 4, 8:30pm – Recommended for… Business and PSHE
    Now estimated to be worth over £2 billion in the UK, the private tutoring business has boomed over the past few years. But what effect is it having on students and their parents, and is tutoring a worthwhile investment? Caroline Bayley investigates.
  • The Ladies of Fleet Street
    BBC Radio 2, 9pm – Recommended for… History, Sociology, and Journalism
    Nina Myskow celebrates the work of women in the world of journalism, starting with the success of Wendy Henry, the first female editor of News of the World, which didn’t occur until 1987! She also explores the role of women in newspapers in today’s political and social climate. Finally, guests Eleanor Mills, Janet Street-Porter and Katherine Viner discuss their experiences in the industry.

Friday 7th December

  • Crowd Science
    BBC World Service, 8:30pm – Recommended for… Biology and Chemistry
    It’s a fact that we’ve been told over and over – women live longer lives than men. Presenter Marnie Chesterton investigates, unraveling the reasons why, and questioning if it would be possible to alter our fates.