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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 20th – 26th July

Welcome back to our Radio Picks of the Week! There’s politics aplenty in store this week, but fear not! There are plenty of other programmes available across the board, from chemistry to PSHE.

Saturday 20th July

  • The Infinite Moonkey Cage
    BBC Radio 4, 10am – Recommended for… Physics, Astronomy, and History
    Brian Cox features in this special edition of the programme, which celebrates the anniversary of the moon landing from Cocoa Beach, located not far from Cape Canaveral.
  • The History Boys 
    BBC Radio 4 Extra, 7pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    This adaptation of Alan Bennett’s play, first broadcast in 2006, boasts an impressive cast which includes James Corden and Russel Tovey. It could be a perfect accompaniment to the teaching of the play!

Sunday 21st July

  • The Food Programme: What’s So Special About the Food Our Grandmothers Cook?
    BBC Radio 4, 12:30pm – Recommended for… Psychology
    We all talk about how great  our grandmas’ cooking is – but what is it that differentiates it from everyone else’s? Is it truly something different, or something more psychological? That’s what Alissa Timoshkina, Sheila Dillon, and Ann Storr are discussing here.
  • Thinking Allowed: War in the Air
    BBC Radio 4, 12:15am – Recommended for… Chemistry and History
    Laurie Taylor meets with academics to discuss the history and of bombing and tear gas.

Monday 22nd July

  • The Conversation: Motherhood Multiplied
    BBC World Service, 11:30am – Recommended for… Health and Social Care
    Being a mother to one baby is difficult enough on its own – but what is it like for the mothers of quadruplets or sextuplets? That’s what this documentary aims to uncover, talking to mums who have been through this very experience.
  • Prime Ministers’ Props: the Duke of Wellington’s Boots
    BBC Radio 4, 1:45pm – Recommended for… Politics and Psychology
    The series discusses how just one accessory possessed by PMs can project a certain image and what this says about them. As it says in the title, the Duke of Wellington is the one under the spotlight today.
  • The Colour of Justice
    BBC Radio 4, 8pm – Recommended for… Law, Politics, and Sociology
    Did you know that only around 7% of judges in the are from a Black, Asian, or ethnic minority background? This is an appalling statistic in this day and age, as most would agree – but the question is, why is it still the case? That’s what Edward Adoo is trying to work out.

Tuesday 23rd July

  • From College to Clink 
    BBC Radio 4, 8pm – Recommended for… PSHE
    What do you think you’d do after graduating with a undergraduate degree? Most people probably wouldn’t think of becoming a prison guard, yet that’s what new government-backed scheme Unlocked Graduates is trying to promote. Perhaps this behinds-the-scenes look may be of interest to students who are uncertain about what they want to do once they finish their degree.

Wednesday 24th July

  • Stranger than Sci-Fi 
    BBC Radio 4, 9pm – Recommended for… Physics, Chemistry, English, and Film Studies
    Dr Jen Gupta and Alice Fraser explore that even though, generally speaking, science and science-fiction run parallel, the two are becoming increasingly closer together.

Thursday 25th July

  • The Forum 
    BBC World Service, 9:05am – Recommended for… Ancient History
    This episode of the programme examines the Ancient Greek Spartans and how it is that we’ve come to have a certain image of them in our heads.

Friday 26th July

  • The Listening Project 
    BBC Radio 4, 4:55pm – Recommended for… BSL, Translation, PSHE, Health & Social Care
    Here, we follow two sign language interpreters who talk about how they try to ensure that deaf or hard-of-hearing people can enjoy the same level of conversation as the hearing.
  • The Listening Project 
    BBC Radio 4, 11:55pm – Recommended for… PSHE, Sociology, and Biology
    Yes, that’s right, there’s two of these on tonight. This second episode sees Fi Glover talking to two friends Nadia and Ernie about body image and dysmorphia.