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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 27th Oct-2nd Nov 2018

Welcome to our weekly round-up of some of the best radio broadcasts for teaching coming your way this week! This week there are a wide variety of great programmes to tune into, ranging from catering to computer science.

Saturday 27th October

  • The Sound of Cinema
    BBC Radio 3, 3pm – Recommended for… Music and Media Studies
    Matthew Sweet talks to composer and gaming expert Stephen Baysted and other guests about the importance of music in videogames.
close-up of child

Sunday 28th October

  • The Food Programme: May Contain Nuts
    BBC Radio 4, 12:30pm – Recommended for… Catering
    Presenter Bee Wilson investigates as to whether the rise in food allergies is linked to our change in diet.
  • How Do Our Kids Beat the Robots?
    BBC Radio 4, 1:30pm – Recommended for… Computer Science and PSHE
    Sathnam Sanghera explores the world of new algorithms and how their use could affect employment for the generations to come.
  • The Listening Project
    BBC Radio 4, 2:45pm – Recommended for… English Language
    In this omnibus edition, Fi Glover talks about the importance of the spoken and written word.
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Monday 29th October

  • Political Thinking with Nick Robinson: The Tom Watson One
    BBC Radio 4, 1:45pm – Recommended for… Politics
    To start off the new series, Robinson talks to Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader.
  • In My Own Skin
    BBC Radio 4, 2:15pm – Recommended for… PSHE
    This drama programme follows the life of Katy, who’s trying to put her life and self-image back together after some private photos of hers are leaked.
Night time shot of Houses of Parliament UK

Tuesday 30th October

  • Costing the Earth: Wetland Wonder
    BBC Radio 4, 3:30pm – Recommended for… Geography
    As the wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate, Tom Heap explores why they are so important to our ecosystem.
Photo of a lake at sunset

Wednesday 31st October

  • Thinking Allowed: Racial Ambiguity in America
    BBC Radio 4, 4pm – Recommended for… History and Sociology
    Lisa Kingston and Kalwant Bohpal discuss topics such as the meaning of race in modern-day America and what the term  ‘white privilege’ represents.
photo of New York taxis

Thursday 1st November

  • The Bottom Line: The Experience Economy
    BBC Radio 4, 8pm – Recommended for… Economics
    Studies have shown that in more recent years, people have been spending more money on experience days than they have on physical items. Evan Davis and guests discuss how to measure this spending and what impact it’s having on the economy.
Photo of parachuters between skyscrapers at sunset

Friday 2nd November

  • The Essay: A Body of Essays – The Nose
    BBC Radio 3, 10:45pm – Recommended for English Literature and English Language
    In the final part of  a series dedicated to writers exploring different parts of the body, AL Kennedy talks about how the nose (and by extension, sense of smell) can be used to reflect on past memories.
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