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ERA’s Top Radio Picks 9th – 15th March 2019

Welcome! We’ve got a new selection of the best radio broadcasts for teaching and learning for the week ahead! English literature and business studies teachers have the biggest range this week, but there’s plenty for all, including religious studies and physics.

Saturday 9th March

  • World Book Club – Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o 
    BBC Radio 4, 9pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    Kenyan author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o talks to host Lawrence Pollard about his landmark book, A Grain of Wheat, which is set on the brink of Kenya’s independence from Britain.

Sunday 10th March

  • The Film Programme 
    BBC Radio 4, 11pm – Recommended for… Film Studies and English Literature
    Antonia Quirke and guests (co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan fleck) talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first ever female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel. Book lovers also chip in to discuss which books that they’d love to see adapted to the big screen.

Monday 11th March

  • A Passage to India
    BBC Radio 4, 7:45pm – Recommended for… English Literature and Religious Studies
    Tanika Gupte’s dramatisation of EM Forster’s classic novel set during the Indian independence movement stars Shubham Saraf, Ellie Kendrick, Penelope Wilton, and Jonathan Firth in the title roles.
  • Analysis: Will Humans Survive the Century? 
    BBC Radio 4, 6:30pm – Recommended for… Geology and Biology
    David Edmonds reports on investigations about the dangers that humanity faces, of which climate change is only one.

Tuesday 12th March

  • The Life Scientific
    BBC Radio 4, 9am – Recommended for… Physics
    This week, host Jim Al-Khalili talks to the head of a non-profit company that builds guidance systems for space missions, Ken Gabriel, about the company’s work and why you should always set your goals as high as possible.

Wednesday 13th March

  • When to Break Up the Party 
    BBC Radio 4, 11am – Recommended for… Politics
    With the emergence of the Independence Party, Steven Fielding looks to history to examine the effects of previous political splits like this one.
  • Mae Martin’s Guide to 21st Century Addiction
    BBC Radio 4, 6:30pm – Recommended for… Psychology and Sociology
    Mae Martin investigates the modern attitudes to addiction as well as her own experiences with overcoming obsessive behaviour.

Thursday 14th March

  • In Our Time: Authenticity 
    BBC Radio 4, 9am – Recommended for… Philosophy
    Melvyn Bragg and guests Sarah Richmond, Denis McManus and Irene McMullin about what it means to truly “be yourself” and the impact that it has both on you and those around you.
  • The Bottom Line 
    BBC Radio 4, 8:30pm – Recommended for… Business Studies and PSHE
    If you’re looking for experience in your chosen industry, then the chances are that internships are the way to go. But do they really provide the necessary skills needed to get a permanent job, or are they just a way for businesses to get cheap labour? This is the topic for this week’s discussion.
  • Free Thinking: Partition, Colonial Power, and the Voices of 16th Century Women 
    BBC Radio 3, 10pm – Recommended for… History and Art & Design
    Rana Mitter talks to guests Hew Locke, Anindya Raychaudhuri, Suzannah Lipscomb and Aanchal Malhotra about the idea of creating new images of the past by way of objects and archive material.

Friday 15th March

  • Sea of Faith 
    BBC Radio 4, 11am – Recommended for… Religious Studies
    Broadcaster and priest Giles Fraser reflects back on the controversy surrounding 1980w TV show, Sea of Faith, which challenged traditional Christian orthodoxy and the effect that it had on him personally.