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ERA’s Top TV Picks 15th – 21st February 2020

Welcome back to our TV Picks of the Week! There’s a pretty even spread of programmes available this week, so read on if you want to find some great shows for teaching and learning!

Saturday 15th February

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 
    Channel 5, 2:40pm – Recommended for… English Literature and Film Studies
    Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning three-part adaptation of Tolkien’s tale starts here – a perfect chance to catch it if you’re covering the story in class!
  • Clive James: Postcard from Paris
    BBC4, 10pm – Recommended for… History, French, and Art & Design
    Clive James returns to Paris to meet artists across various mediums that influenced his youth when he previously lived there.

Sunday 16th February

  • Armando’s Tale of Charles Dickens 
    BBC4, 11pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    Armando Iannucci explores the life and personality of Charles Dickens through his semi-autobiographical novel, David Copperfield.

Monday 17th February

  • Confronting Holocaust Denial with David Baddiel
    BBC2, 9pm – Recommended for…History, Sociology, PSHE, and Religious Studies
    Author and comedian David Baddiel has always been known for his open honesty and frankness when it comes to important issues in society. There is certainly nothing comical this one-off documentary in which he tackles Holocaust denial, a matter that is very close to his heart. Understandably, this incredibly disturbing and thought-provoking programme might be difficult for some to watch, especially when Baddiel meets a Holocaust denier who is unflinching in his belief, but it’s an important watch to help us realise just how much of an issue this is becoming.

Tuesday 18th February

  • Royal History’s Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley
    BBC4, 9pm – Recommended for… History
    This three-part series explores how the facts of history can be manipulated through narrative and become less clear with the passing of time.
  • How to Stay out of Jail 
    Channel 4, 10pm – Recommended for… Policing, PSHE and Law
    The title may sound like a terrible clickbait article, but this documentary in fact deals with the measures being taken by the judicial system to rehabilitate offenders before taking them to court or sending them to jail. The goal is to reduce crime rates across the UK, and we get to see a sample here of just how well the system works.

Wednesday 19th February

  • The Hairy Bikers’ Chocolate Challenge 
    Channel 5, 9pm – Recommended for… Catering
    This will probably be as delicious as it sounds, and could be the perfect way to introduce catering students to working with chocolate via a number of desserts and bakes that are sure to impress.

Thursday 20th February

  • Walt Disney 
    BBC4, 8pm – Recommended for… Film Studies, Art & Design, Sociology, and Business Studies
    Walt Disney is somewhat of a controversial figure. On the one hand, he founded one of the biggest and most-loved media empires of all time, with his animation studios bringing joy to children across many generations. On the other, he has been accused on various occasions of being discriminatory, and more specifically, antisemitic. This programme explores both of these aspects of Disney’s life and legacy. Please note that this is part 2 of the documentary, and part one can be found on iPlayer at the moment!

Friday 21st February

  • … Sings Disney Songs
    BBC4, 8pm – Recommended for… Music
    BBC4 is going through a Disney phase, it seems. This time, we’re looking at how famous singers have taken classic Disney songs and put their own spin on them – this includes Elton John and Celine Dion, among others as they featured on TV over the years.