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ERA’s Top TV Picks 15th – 21st June 2019

Welcome to our TV Picks of the Week, we’ve selected some excellent programmes for Politics students and also a promising adaptation of a modern classic novel… but there’s plenty more to choose from!

Saturday, 15th June

  • Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
    BBC2, 8.30pm – Recommended for… Art, Design
    Follow 3 amateur artists as they submit work to the world famous open-submission exhibition in London, meeting some of the celebrated artists whose work will be exhibited.  Useful for A-level Art and and Art students at FE/HE level.

Sunday 16th June

  • Live Britain’s Next PM:C4 Debate
    C4, 6.30pm – Recommended for… Politics, Citizenship, PSHE
    The first chance to watch the many contenders for the position of Tory Party Leader,  and therefore also next Prime Minister,  debate each other on live TV.

Monday 17th June

  • Horrible Histories
    CBBC, 5.30pm and available on iPlayer – Recommended for… Primary level History, Literacy even Geography this week!
    Always a pick of the week in our book, Horrible Histories never disappoints!  This episode offers a colourful guide to some of the most famous collaborations in history.
  • Thatcher: A Very British Revolution – “Downfall”
    BBC2, 9pm – Recommended for …Politics, History, Citizenship
    The final episode of this excellent series charting the dramatic rise and turbulent fall of Margaret Thatcher over more than a decade. Featuring candid interviews with leading figures from her inner circle.  Useful for modern history and politics students.

Tuesday 18th June

  • The Planets
    BBC2, 9pm – Recommended for …Physics, Science and Astronomy
    The stunning documentary series exploring the dramatic lives of the planets that make up our solar system continues.  This week Professor Brian Cox looks at Saturn.

Wednesday 19th June

  • The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes
    C4, 9pm – Recommended for …Social Care, PSHE
    This eye-opening and ultimately uplifting programme follows an experiment aiming to demonstrate that people suffering from dementia can still make a valuable and useful contribution to society..  volunteers are trained to work in and run a restaurant and this poignant and sometimes funny series confounds expectations.


Thursday 20th June

  • Phillip Green and the Trouble with Topshop
    C5, 10pm – Recommended for …Business Studies, Economics
    A timely documentary given the current problems faced by the Arcadia Group and its problematic owner, this documentary charts the story of Topshop, now under series threat as a presence on British High Streets.  Useful especially for Business Studies students.
  • Catch 22
    C4, 9pm – Recommended for …English, History and Film Studies
    A new, high quality dramatisation of this classic satire on the futility of war, human frailty and capitalism.  Previously brought in to the screen with little success, this adaptation (George Clooney features as General Scheisskopf and also directed a couple of episodes ) looks promising.  Useful for English and History students, but also for Film studies.