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ERA’s Top TV Picks 16th – 22nd March 2019

Welcome back to our Picks of the Week! Here we’ve got our selection of the best TV broadcasts for teaching and learning coming your way this week. Rejoice, geographers, for there’s plenty for you, though maths and science also have quite a lot going on too! Of course, there’s plenty for everyone though.

Saturday 16th March

  • The Inca: Masters of the Clouds
    BBC 4, 7pm – Recommended for… Ancient History and Geography
    Peru is the destination of choice for Dr Jago Cooper, who’s off to investigate new evidence that has been uncovered about the Inca people. This evidence, however, could disrupt a lot of our current ideas about their history and culture.

Sunday 17th March

  • The Lorax
    ITV 2, 4:20pm – Recommended for… Geography and English
    What better way to teach pupils about looking after the environment than a story set in one of Dr Seuss’ worlds? Danny DeVito is the voice of the Lorax in this animated adaptation, which sees him trying to save his increasingly threatened world.
  • All Star Musicals
    ITV, 6pm – Recommended for… Music, Drama, and Dance
    This one-off competition hosted by John Barrowman sees celebrities performing songs and dance numbers from hit musicals in the hope of being crowned champion. The show also includes performances by the West End cast of Aladdin and a duet by judges Kristin Chenoweth and Elaine Paige.
  • Skeletons of the Mary Rose: the New Evidence 
    Channel 4, 8pm – Recommended for… History, Chemistry, and Biology
    The Secret History team investigate Henry VIII’s sunken warship, the Mary Rose, by using isotope and DNA analysis to find out more about the crew and life in Tudor England.
  • Born Digital: First Cuts
    BBC 4, 10pm – Recommended for… ICT, PSHE
    The first in a series of short films made for the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web acts as an introduction for the films to follow, so as to give you an idea of which ones you might want to watch or which ones might be relevant to your subject.

Monday 18th March

  • Harry’s Heroes: the Full English 
    ITV, 9pm – Recommended for… PE, Catering
    In this interesting-looking two-part programme, Harry Redknapp attempts to get ex-England football players back into the shape they were when they played many years ago. This might be of interest to those teaching about nutrition in sport or the effects that certain foods have in conjunction with exercise.

Tuesday 19th March

  • Secrets of Silicon Valley
    BBC 4, 10:25pm – Recommended for… Business Studies and Computer Science
    This two-part programme following what goes on behind the scenes in Silicon Valley is being shown back-to-back tonight. Jamie Bartlett visits the famous region and talks to the CEOs promising a better future. What he finds in other parts of the businesses, however, often leaves a bit to be desired…

Wednesday 20th March

  • Alaska: a Year in the Wild
    Channel 5, 7pm – Recommended for… Geography
    This episode sees the arrival of spring to Alaska, following animals as they try to eat and prepare for the months ahead on a pretty tight schedule.
  • How to Go Viral: the Art of the Meme with Richard Clay
    BBC 4, 9pm – Recommended for… ICT, Sociology, Psychology, and Media Studies
    It might seem like a strange topic, but given the importance of memes in today’s social media scene, this documentary with art historian Professor Richard Clay might prove extremely relevant. Here, he investigates the rise in their popularity over the years, how they reflect and shape our thoughts, and why certain memes go viral, whereas others go relatively unnoticed.

Thursday 21st March

  • 60 Days on the Streets
    Channel 4, 9pm – Recommended for… PSHE
    Ed Stafford returns to investigate why a lot of homeless people gravitate towards London. He also uncovers the fact that there are some non-homeless people who take advantage of the situation, pretending to be homeless in order to take money off some well-meaning citizens.
  • Queen Elizabeth I: a Timewatch Guide 
    BBC 4, 9pm – Recommended for… History
    Timewatch guides are always worth a watch, and this one focuses in on the life and times of Queen Elizabeth I, taking a look at the ups and downs of her reign.

Friday 22nd March

  • Can Improve My Memory?
    Channel 4, 8pm – Recommended for… Biology and PSHE
    This one is a bit odd, but it may help in getting students to understand how best to memorise certain facts and figures. Here, Valerie Singleton, Gok Wan, and Joey Essex are tasked with memorising facts about topics far out of their comfort zone (UK grime, the periodic table, and the life of William the Conqueror respectively).
  • The Secret Science of Pop
    BBC 4, 9pm – Recommended for… Maths, Science, and Music
    Ever wondered how some songs become chart-toppers? Well here’s your chance to find out. A group of scientists, banded together by evolutionary biologist Armand Leroi, do research into and analyse data and algorithms to see if they can replicate such a success with a relatively unknown artist.