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ERA’s Top TV Picks 23rd – 29th November 2019

Welcome back to our TV Picks of the Week! There are a lot of great resources available for geography and politics this week, with art & design also getting its fair share of the spotlight.

Saturday 23rd November

  • Novels that Shaped Our World: the Class Ceiling
    BBC2, 9:55pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    The final installment in this series on how literature has evolved with our world discusses how class struggle has been portrayed in literature over the years.

Sunday 24th November

  • Great Expectations 
    BBC2, 3:05pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    This 1946 adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel sees John Mills step into the role of Pip.
  • Sherlock Holmes
    ITV2, 7:55pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    Another adaptation here, this time of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective, who is played here by Robert Downey Jr., with Jude Law stepping in as his sidekick John Watson. It’s hardly true to the original Holmes stories, but this could be used as a discussion point for modern interpretations of a classic text.
  • Fair Isle: Living on the Edge
    BBC4,8pm – Recommended for… Geography
    Between Shetland and the Orkneys lies Britain’s most remote island, which is home to just 55 people. This documentary explores the lives of its residents and how such a small community functions on a daily basis.
  • Our Guy in Japan
    Channel 4, 9pm – Recommended for… Geography and History
    Guy Martin returns in this two-part series as he heads out to Japan to find out more about the country’s ways of dealing with the few man-made and frequent natural disasters that it experiences every year.
  • Secrets of British Animation
    BBC4, 10pm – Recommended for… Art & Design, Film Studies, and Animation
    This delightful one-off documentary charts the history of British animation from the Victorian era to the present, finding out more about its major influences and productions.

Monday 25th November

  • Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas
    Channel 4, 5pm – Recommended for… Art & Design
    Kirstie Allsopp is back to her Christmas crafting in this new series, where you’ll be sure to find a number of fun activities that you can undertake with your class (or by yourself at home!)
  • Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream
    BBC4, 8pm – Recommended for… History
    The first episode of this three-part documentary about Vienna explores its past religious conflicts and the Hapsburg dynasty.
  • Meat: a Threat to Our Planet?
    BBC1, 9pm – Recommended for… PSHE and Geography
    This has become an increasingly more talked-about subject over the past few years – just how damaging are our meat-consuming habits to our planet? Liz Bonnin is on the case here, uncovering some startling truths about the effects of cattle farming (and animal farming in general).

Tuesday 26th November

  • Tutankhamun with Dan Snow
    Channel 5, 9pm – Recommended for… Ancient History and Archaeology
    Historian Dan Snow returns here to talk to archaeologist Rashka Dave and journalist John Sergeant about the rediscovery of the Pharaoh’s tomb and what Tutankhamun did in life to become such and iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt.

Wednesday 27th November

  • The Baby Has Landed
    BBC2, 9pm – Recommended for… Health & Social Care and Midwifery
    This heartwarming-looking series follows six families on the run up to and life after the birth of a new baby. This first episode (of four) will focus on the families’ preparations for the babies’ arrivals and the different experiences that they had when giving birth.
  • The Man Who Saw Too Much
    BBC1, 10:45pm – Recommended for… History
    This documentary follows Nazi concentration camp survivor, 106-year-old Boris Pahor, as he talks about his time in the camp. He was sent to there due to his anti-Nazi activism following the banning of his mother tongue, Slovene, and here goes over what he experienced in the camp and how he dealt with it after he was freed.

Thursday 28th November

  • Chris Packham: Plant a Tree to Save the World
    Channel 5, 8pm – Recommended for… Geography
    Chris Packham pulls together a group of presenters in this one-off programme as they set out to raise enough money to plat 100,000 trees across the UK.
  • Wild Weather with Richard Hammond 
    BBC4, 9pm – Recommended for… Geography
    It seems like an odd programme for the ex-Top Gear presenter to take on, but nevertheless, he’s here to take a look at the science behind some of the world’s most extreme weather conditions.

Friday 29th November

  • Unreported World
    Channel 4, 7:30pm – Recommended for… Sociology, Journalism, and Politics
    The documentary series turns its head to the US this week as Karishma Vyas find out more about the growing ‘TradWives’ movement. The movement is pro-Trump and anti-feminist, with traditional family values sitting at its heart. This should be an interesting, if grim, look at the influence of modern politics on society.
  • The Leader Interviews – Tonight
    ITV, 8:30pm – Recommended for… Politics
    Another election-based programme here to follow up on last week’s Johnson v Corbyn debate. This time, Ravnir Singh and Jonathan Hill are talking to Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Adam Price (Plaid Cymru) and Siân Berry (Green Party) in advance of the election.