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ERA’s Top TV Picks 29th June – 5th July 2019

Welcome back to our TV Picks of the Week! There are quite a lot of great things on this week relating to geography and business studies, so whether you’re interested in the Tay or the Bank of England, we’ve got something that might interest you.

Saturday 29th June

  • The Secrets Behind King Arthur’s Sacred Sites
    Channel 5, 7:10pm – Recommended for… History and English
    Everyone knows about King Arthur, the legendary ruler and head of the Round Table. But new archaeological evidence seems to suggest that he could, in fact, have been real. Various archaeologists and historians are interviewed here as they try to uncover the truth.
  • How the Victorians Built Britain’s Past
    Channel 5, 8pm – Recommended for… History
    Michael Buerk presents this one-off documentary about how the huge advances made during the Victorian era would go on to shape Britain’s future.
  • Captain America: the First Avenger
    Channel 4, 8pm – Recommended for… History, Film Studies, and Media Studies
    Chris Evans’ first outing as the Marvel hero is set during World War II, which may make it a prime opportunity to examine the representation of war in the film industry and how this compares to the reality of the situation.

Sunday 30th June

  • Pride 
    BBC2, 12:30am – Recommended for… Sociology, History, and PSHE
    Based on a true story, this film follows a group of LGBT activists in 1984 as they travel to Wales to lend support the miners’ strike.

Monday 1st July

  • Kirstie’s Celebrity Craft Masters
    Channel 3, 5pm – Recommended for… Art & Design
    Craft pro Kirstie Allsopp is back, this time challenging celebrities such as Angellica Bell and Rav Wilding to complete a series of craft tasks.
  • One Million Snake Bites
    BBC4, 9pm – Recommended for… Biology, Zoology, and Geography
    India now finds itself in a huge snake bite crisis, with around 46,000 people being fatally bitten every year. Here, the Natural World team travels to India to try and work out why this is and what can be done to protect the people living there.
  • Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones 
    BBC2, 9:30pm – Recommended for… Computer Science and Policing
    With incidents such as the Christmas standstill at Gatwick last year becoming more and more common, are drones more of a threat to us than they would appear? That’s what former Marine and risk specialist Aldo Kane is here to talk about.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: the Man Who Built America
    BBC4, 10pm – Recommended for… Architecture and History
    Jonathan Adams takes a trip back to the early 20th century as he finds out more about architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose influence can be seen across the US.

Tuesday 2nd July

  • Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo 
    ITV, 9pm – Recommended for… Geography and Zoology
    Dame Judi Dench travels to Borneo with conservationist David Mills to discover more about the country and its wildlife. She’s particularly interested in seeing first-hand how an orangutan lives in the wild, but whether or not she’ll find one, we’ll have to tune in and find out!
  • Inside the Bank of England 
    BBC2, 9:30pm – Recommended for… Economics and Business Studies
    This surprising documentary takes us behind the scenes of one of the world’s highest-security buildings. The focus here is the impact that Brexit is already having on our economy, as we follow figures such as governor Mark Carney, but we also get a glimpse of the printing and storage of fresh notes.
  • The Flu that Killed 50 Million 
    BBC2, 11:15pm – Recommended for… Biology and Medicine
    Survivor interviews, dramatic reconstructions, and witness testimonies are gathered here to paint a portrait of the Spanish Flu epidemic towards the end of the First World War.

Wednesday 3rd July

  • Inside the Ritz Hotel
    ITV, 8pm – Recommended for… Business Studies and Hospitality
    Another insight documentary here, this time in one of the UK’s glitziest hotels. The Ritz has been famous for years, and with good reason – it’s opulence and service is renowned. In this one-off documentary, we follow various members of hotel staff as well as guests Richard E Grant and Anna Wintour to find out more about what keeps the Ritz at the top of its game.
  • The River: a Year in the Life of the Tay
    BBC4, 9pm – Recommended for… Geography and Geology
    Perhaps a little less glamourous, but stunning in a natural way, we turn our attention now to the River Tay, as Helen Macdonald takes us on a tour of the river. Here, we can find out more about its history and wildlife as Helen takes us from Ben Lui to Dundee.

Thursday 4th July

  • Serengeti 
    BBC1, 8pm – Recommended for… Biology and Zoology
    Star Wars actor John Boyega is the narrator of this family-friendly nature documentary, which could be perfect for teaching KS2 pupils. Featuring a whole host of species, from lions through to hyenas, there should be plenty to keep pupils engaged.
  • Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley
    BBC4, 9pm – Recommended for… History, Fashion Design, and Art & Design
    Well, this documentary is definitely up Lucy Worsley’s alley. She looks here at the clothes worn by monarchs over the years, all the way up to the present day, discussing how they cultivated their own styles and the impact that it can have on their image.

Friday 5th July

  • Great Expectations 
    Paramount Network, 9pm – Recommended for… English Literature
    This adaptation of Dickens’ classic features Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes and Jeremy Irvine – a perfect accompaniment to the novel! If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to use adaptations in your lesson or lecture, take a look at our article here.
  • Charley Pride: I’m Just Me
    BBC4, 9:30pm – Recommended for… Music
    This documentary charts the rise to fame of country singer Charley Pride, from sharecropper’s son to music star. Including interviews with his friends such as Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, and Willie Nelson, this is sure to be inspirational viewing.
  • Prince: a Purple Reign 
    BBC4, 10:40pm – Recommended for… Music
    Another iconic musician to explore here – Prince’s cross-genre music and flamboyant attitude made him one of the most influential musicians of the 80s (and of all time), and it’s this influence that this documentary covers.