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Introducing ERA’s New Website

We are the Educational Recording Agency. We have existed for almost 30 years as a licensing agency, enabling educational establishments to access, use and record TV and Radio broadcasts for educational purposes. Our mission is both to enhance the education sector and to support the creative industries in the UK, without whose work our culture would be significantly diminished.

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Moving with the times

As the media and broadcasting landscape shifts in dramatic ways, we see it evermore our mission to preserve and promote the use of TV & Radio broadcasts in education. While the future of TV and Radio broadcasting may be uncertain, the power of audio-visual content to broaden, deepen and transform education lives on. And that’s where ERA’s new website comes in:

  • bringing the ERA Licence to life,
  • offering educators a portal to a world of broadcast content through our new TV & Radio Resources collection and
  • enhancing education and celebrating creativity through our Ideas & Guides.
  • showcasing and promoting innovative use of broadcast content in education through our  Licence in Action page

Want to get involved?

If you use TV and Radio in your teaching and would like to inspire others with your ideas, email us today! 

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Bringing the ERA Licence to life

About the ERA Licence

The ERA Licence opens up a world of broadcast content to the education sector, whilst safeguarding the fair remuneration of the creatives who produce TV and Radio broadcasts.

What’s new?

  • A clearer layout, which is easier to navigate and which allows our Licencees to easily find what they’re looking for.


Promoting the power of broadcast

ERA’s TV & Radio Resources is a brand new section of the ERA website, providing educators with a portal to the TV and Radio programmes created by ERA’s Members, who include the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV. ERA has curated a collection of TV and Radio programmes that link to educational curriculae and courses, enabling teachers and lecturers to easily identify programmes that meet their teaching needs.

Educators can:

  • search for broadcast content by a keyword, e.g. Shakespeare
  • browse through our collection by selecting a subject, e.g. History
  • refine search results by applying our “study level” and “exam board” filters

What’s included in TV & Radio Resources?

The broadcast content ERA has curated under our TV & Radio Resources section belongs to our Members. We link out to our Members’ websites and on-demand services e.g. All 4, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and My5. We do not host the programmes that we link to and the programmes are available subject to the time that they are available on our Members’ services.

How to get the best out of ERA’s TV & Radio Resources

Enhancing education and celebrating creativity

ERA’s Ideas & Guides section is a source of information, inspiration and celebration. It’s the place to come to:

  • find out what great content is available from our Members to use in teaching and learning
  • get inspired by innovative and unusual uses of broadcast in education
  • celebrate the vitality of creativity channeled through TV and Radio broadcasts

Look out for ERA’s Picks of the Week and watch this space for more in-depth teaching and learning guides to getting the most out of TV and Radio in education.

Thanks to...

We cannot thank Brightminded and Borderless enough for the stellar job they have done designing and building our new website. We’ve really enjoyed working with them.

Thank you!