ERA Board

ERA is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee and accountable to its Members, who are or or represent rights holders. Each Member appoints a director to the ERA Board, which meets six times a year.

Through the glass shot of a people working in an office


Deborah Annetts (Chair), ISM

Jez Bell, PPL

Andrew Chowns, Directors UK

Richard Combes, ALCS

Tom De Lange, AGICOA

Angharad Evans, S4C

Karen Fishman, PRS for Music

Elizabeth Gibson, BBC Studios Distribution Limited

Andy Harrower, MCPS

Jane Hyndman, Compact Media Group

Will Jackson, AudioUK

Jeremy Kimberlin, Channel 4

Guy Lavender, Open University

Marcus Lee, Channel 5

Sue Malden, FOCAL international

John O’Sullivan, 560 Media

Christine Payne, Equity

Horace Trubridge, Musicians’ Union

Jonathan Vandermeer, ITV

Kiaron Whitehead, BPI

Christian Zimmermann, DACS

Paul Seheult, PICSEL