Who we are

ERA supports the education sector by making it easy for schools, colleges and universities to harness the power of audio-visual broadcast material for non-commercial educational purposes.

ERA office, view through glass screen with ERA logo

How does ERA support the education sector?

We support educators through our simple, cost-effective licensing scheme.

What is the ERA Licence?

The ERA Licence provides a single point of clearance for all rights necessary for educational establishments at all levels of education to create and use resources obtained from broadcast materials whether on television or radio.

Almost all educational establishments in the UK are covered by the ERA Licence.

Why is the Licence needed?

Educational establishments need an ERA Licence if they use material sourced from broadcasts for teaching purposes. This includes enabling access to catch up services of UK broadcasters when terms and conditions link with the ERA Licence.

How can the Licence be used to enhance learning?

Television and Radio programmes broadcast in the UK offer educators a rich and diverse source of material to support teaching and to enhance learning.

Teachers and lecturers can use licensed programmes and clips to bring the richness of ERA members’ works right into the classroom or lecture theatre.

How does ERA support the creators of broadcast material?

As a not for profit organisation, we only cover our administration costs from the money we collect from licensing. We pay everything else to our Members. This ensures that rights holders are being paid fairly for the work they have created.

Watch our video to see how the ERA Licence supports learning

Our team at ERA are committed to helping teachers unlock the vast educational value of broadcast resources.